Photoshop for Dummies

Using a cool new logo made by Nannan's friend, I used my sub-par Photoshop skillz to create a new banner and Flickr logo for Builders Lounge.

Now I am the master of 'trial-and-error blending', with some knowledge about how to create a mask. I need to take a class or do some tutorials or something.


Gasmask 3D

Here's my second Maya project for more modeling practice. I created this by looking at a few real world photos of gas masks, and then altering the designs to give the model a little bit of a space+alien feel.

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Undertow 3D
Undertow 3D - complete (rendered)
I've been learning 3d modeling using Maya, and this is my first completed mini-project, which is an attempt at creating a 3d version of Tool's Undertow album art.

The model was created mostly by extruding polygon faces along curves to create an overall polygonal model. Then I converted this to subdivs to smooth things out.

Four spotlights were used for this scene. Two for highlighting the side tentacles, one for the top-front highlight, and one above for overall lighting and shadows.

Rendered image
Polygonal version
Reference image (original album art)

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